Freitag, 23. September 2011

animal's day at big springs

moose to my right.

Chapin & the moose. can you see him?
Me and 2 moose at big spring.
that was when they were not that near. but after a while they were a few meters away from the fence.

today was a little bit crazy.
we were eating lunch at the big springs.
after a while we saw two moose. they were SO near.
and then. the moose start to run. and so did we. it was a little bit scary, because we were with the kids and without a reason the moose start to run and he was so near to all of us..dangerous dangerous... more people get killed by a moose than by a wolf or bear.
and i saw a dead elk.
day full with big wild animal (:

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  1. Da hattet ihr ja ein tolles Erlebnis. Wie groß ist denn so ein Elch?