Mittwoch, 28. September 2011


still summer !! (:
The kids love to play with spiders (: Every time i see a spider i have to laugh 'cause i have to thinks about a good friend who's very scared of them :)

Jackson Hole

Crazy, isn't it?!

Andy, Chapin, Rowe and me were the only ones who were dancing. (:

On the top of the mountain.
Way up the Titans.

Titans .

We were on the way to Jackson/Wyoming.
The way was so pretty ! So many colors : blue sky, brown/orange fields. Great! ( The camera can't get it that good. it's amazing how beautiful it is out here! )
It's still pretty warm: so, no pants just shorts and tshirt.
We had so much fun ! I was with Chapin, Rowe, Andy, Sarah's bro, his wife and baby Thomas.
So we're 7 people in a car for 5. And guess what happened? The car didn't start again 3 hours away from our home. So we had to stop our trip. But even that didn't stop us to have a great day and fun! ;) So I have no sign-picture of Wyoming. But that's okay. I know that I have been there. You can believe it or not ;)

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  1. Sind die Geweihe alle echt? Und sind die von Tieren aus dem Park oder zusammengesammelt.