Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

old faithful ( part one)

Kristina and Baby Thomas. He's such a cute Baby. Always smiling!
Roy, Kristina and Baby Thomas watching the geysers.

Every year parents try to put their child on the back of a bison.
I saw a few people 3 meters away from an elk. CRAZY! They totally forget that the animals are wild!
"Soldier", Rowe. It was really interesting. And Rowe was listening like a big boy ! I was impressed! I'm thinking about doing this after college for the german visitors. Good idea or?!

Rowe , me and Woody in Rowe's hands at old faithful.

We saw a bunch of bisons and a bunch of elks.

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  1. Was für ein Spectaculum!! Großartige Landschaft. Unglaublich, was die Natur so alles kann.