Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

my next months

so. now we have decided and planned and changed our plans to come back to our old plans. ;)
we're moving to florida! That means NO WINTER :D AWESOME!! 300 days SUMMER :D A dream comes true !!
we're leaving Idaho in the next two weeks to drive(!!) with the car to florida.
but before that i go to california for 3 weeks to spend time with our wonderful friends Birgit and Peter and also Casey and Redgie. I'll see San Jose and San Francisco. And hopefully i'll drive with Casey to Los Angeles for a couple days. That would be awesome. (:
And then. From december till march i'm staying in Chokoloskee/ Florida :D :D :D
And also (hopefully but i'm positiv) New York!
The last couple days i start thinking to stay longer than march.. we will see what will happen. (:
I have no rush to go home because my wonderful parents and my lovely brother are coming over christmas.
My heart is so happy (: Don't know were to go with all this happiness (:
Thank you to my parents who make it possible for me to see everything! I love you and miss you!
And a special THANK YOU to my great american-parents. They're just adorable and wonderful!


  1. Na du Plaudertasche, da geht es dir mal so richtig gut. Freut mich sehr für dich!