Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

San Francisco (1.11.11)

not really my class but here a little bit high society :))

these guys are so funny ! i met them after this picture again(it was not planned at all!) and  talked a long time to them.  

man beachte die deutsche flagge direkt über victoria secret. da sieht man dann wohl wofür die deutschen stehen :)

random taxi

i like the stairs a lot 

männer hier tragen taschen. 

these hills are crazy. after a few you think you gonna die. it's a good workout. 

china town

in china town spricht man auch deutsch.

i love it when you make a picture and when you look at it again so see what a random time/symbol it is.

Church of scientology. ... i was not sure if they're going to kill me when i take a picture. i just did it ;) 

damit man mir auch glaubt,dass ich hier war (:

i walked the whole day around by myself. it was a great day. i really love this city.

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