Dienstag, 13. September 2011


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i'm walking on sunshine..

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i did it.

for those who don't know yet.
I have no facebook and no cellphone.
who wants to stand in contact : email or in a few weeks when i have facebook again.
sry. but i really need a break.

if you imagine it. it can come true.

Movie: Dear John

one of my favourite movies.
it's a great love story. it really is.


Today was a nice day.
Sarah had off and we're spending the day at home.
I was playing with Rowe outside. It's really fun because he just started to play with his fantasy :)
Woody & Buzz from Toy Story are always on his side :)

prom/abiball ( 1.7.2011)

it was my last day.
it's a great feeling to know that school is over. for ever. !!!
it was a great day / night. unforgettable.

P.s: IT'S OVER!! :D and by the way: wünscht allen heute einen schönen ersten schultag. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (das ist die einzigste genugtung nach der frustration mit meinem blog. wahrscheinlich hab ich es verdient das alles weg ist. )
i wish everyone a great first schoolday :D
(dress: H&M )

Clueso - Gewinner

one of the most beautiful german songs.

yellowstone (July)

this is one of the only pictures with my hole family :) Andy, Sarah, Rowe and Chapin .
a nice woman made it for us at the waterfalls at the yellowstone park.
we had a really great time (:
the yellowstone park is 45 minutes away from us.
for americans it's not a long time. ;) the don't have a problem to spend a few hours in their car :D

first week (July)

the first couple days weren't that easy. but now. i don't wanna go back home ;)


alles weg O.oo!!!! neeein !!! heute ist echt nicht mein tag. :(
somit wären ALLE meine posts weg.
dann werd ich wohl nochmal anfangen müssen. 540 posts weg. Danke internet!

all my posts are away !! nooO!!
not my day