Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2011

finger painting

little stinker ;)

always woody on his side .

sweet, isn't it?

she was not really happy ;)
her "why-face"

we're moving to florida in a few weeks and so we started to pack the kid's clothes.
Chapin had never worn this dress or this vest so we thought before we go she need to wear it. A little bit overdressed but I think it's really really cute !


Rowe was a such good helper (:


good for my muscles :D
she had fun :)


first of october and we have 80° F ...
we had so much fun!
Thank you Sarah for the great pictures !

you are my sunshine

my only sunshine.
you make me happy .

dance party

the kids love (!!!) to dance. sometimes by themselves sometimes in my arms.
it's always very entertaining (:
and they're really heavy :D
but like always, it's wonderful !