Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011


good girl gone bad ;) watch out munich :D
Redgie and Ryan.

it was fun!! it's very loud but a lot of fun! i was not good at all, but redgie and ryan are SO good ! i was impressed!


here's a picture of rowe's new look.
it seems like he's ready for an hot winter :)


I'm sorry that my last post is so long ago. it's very busy here so i don't really have time to make pictures or to post a lot of things. hope you all forgive me ;)

the newse from far far away :
- Rowe got his hair cut ! ( i'll post a picture or check sarah's blog out)
- we're leaving Idaho on tuesday. so i'm enjoying my last weekend in idaho. the weather is nice, sunny but not hot just warm. Fall
- we're driving (!!) to tenesse . i think it'll take us 30 hours with the car. Juhu ;) But the good thing is : i'll see so much of the US and i'll get a ton signpictures.
-is staying in CA from the 29th of Oktober till the 19th of November (: . i got invited to a halloween party with redgie and casey ! JUHUUU my first real halloween :) IN SAN FRANCISCO!

and after that. yeah. we're moving to florida. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!