Sonntag, 6. November 2011

lilalu ..some random pictures

see the world through pretty eyes

you'll never know when you'll never try

so. today i decides to take a tour bus to see san francisco. it was raining and SO cold. But i had a good time and saw so so so much (: the good thing is, i can use my ticket tomorrow again, so this pictures are from the top of the bus and tomorrow i'll jump on and off the bus. so here's the first round !
enjoy it 'cause i did ! (:

my tour bus. it was really nasty .

this guy looks awesome! 

Tomorrow or on monday i'll go with redgie in the museum of sience.
can't wait!

time for jeans ;)


the weather was so nasty that everything seemed to be grey. that the golden gate bridge.

i took this picture this morning. you can see the weather was much better ;)