Dienstag, 22. November 2011

lion king

rowe loves the lion king !

best mama, papa and jonatan!!

thank you so much!
i just LOVE you so much!! can't wait so see ya !!

he's not a baby anymore

i can't believe how fast he grew since i'm here...
he was such a little boy when i came here in july and now. he's so big !

washing dishes

this picture is heartbreaking !

chapin just LOVES to wash dishes.
and by the way. she's the cuties thing i have ever seen in tights! 
when she's wearing tights she says: just like eileen :) how cute is that?
but unfortunately i'm not that cute in my tights ;)
like you can see, we had so much fun :) 


andy and me, we were gone 3 weeks.
h´the welcome back was amazing.
it's so good to come back to a place where are people who love and missed you.

thank you so much !