Samstag, 4. Februar 2012


how can you explain people back in germany what this family gave me?
how can i explain how wonderful, amazing, joyful and special my last seven month were?
i really don't know how i can do that 'cause there's no way to explain it.
this family was a blessing for me.
i was in a really dark place and they were there for me.
they helped me.
gave me the joy of life back.
and the day after tomorrow i'm leaving.
it's breaking my heart. how can you explain someone how hard it is?
it's so hard. i can't ... i try not to cry in front of the kids. but with every passed day it's harder. when we took this picture i had tears in my eyes but i tried to stay strong. 'cause there's no reason to be sad. i'll come back. but i'm sad .. :( i can't imagine what i'm gonna do back in germany without them. sure i miss my family and my friends and sure i'm excited so come back and see everyone and spend time with you. but sarah, andy, chapin and rowe became also my family and my friends.
thank you! i'll miss you like crazy !