Montag, 28. Januar 2013

old car .


So here's a little report of my last month .

I'm very busy so my blogging is pretty bad . I'M SORRY !
Since the 27th of decembre I live in my own apartment with 2 other girls and 1 boy. It's really fun :)
These 3 are very very very nice :) I'm glad it worked out that good. My family moved to a little village near to stuttgart.
I started my university. THATS HARD. It's not easy at all ! I work 30 hours a week for my mum and i try to learn for university 40 hours per week. The last 3 weeks it worked out . I also got 2 families for babysitting. What's really fun 'cause I really miss my little ones from america :(
I also started to listen to Matt Chandler Philippians . Sarah gave that CD to my mum and I found it a few days ago and felt like I wanna listen to it . :)