Samstag, 19. April 2014

Our first tour with a local boat

So the next day we went to a little harbour to make a boat tour.
We drove an  our or less to this place.

The first week we traveled together. Like this picture! Its one of the few we made together :)

fresh fresh !
Thats how life should be : no worries ! enjoyed the day at the beach a lot!

...and here are main activity : eating! My Liens family was so sweet I cant even tell. They always looked out for us that we could have enough to eat, that we would enjoy our time and that we would fell good. It was such an incredible time. My Lien is really blessed for her family and I'm more than thankfull that I had the chance to meet them.
(by the way: those chairs were the normal chairs EVERYWHERE ! for me it was perfect because I'm really small but the guys in our group where to big for those so it was always really funny how they would put their fit to sit normally on a table.)

Thats a local boat. We had a short tour on one of it. Really funny those things.

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